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Absinthe kitsWelcome to Absinthe Kits .Com – the original source of genuine, all-organic absinthe kits online.

My name is Julia and I have been making absinthe since 1992, and sharing my recipe with people since 1997. Through trial and error, I have perfected the recipe, which I haven't changed since 2002.

Thanks to the thousands of clients and friends who have purchased my absinthe kit over the years, this is now my fulltime occupation. I work with three other colleagues, sourcing the very best organic herbs from around the world to make sure each absinthe kit we supply makes both potent and great-tasting absinthe.

My absinthe kits come with detailed instructions that anyone can follow to make genuine absinthe at home, in less than a week. The kits are fully legal in the United States, Canada and most other countries.

Each kit makes 2 litres—about three bottles—of infused absinthe. No distillation is necessary.

Each kit contains:

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Effects of absintheWhy absinthe?

I could write pages and pages on "why absinthe", but I don't think I could ever find the words to explain it properly... Because absinthe is more than just a potent alcoholic beverage; it is a very unique experience—and, often—a different one every time you enjoy.

Absinthe is the magical spells you cast under the Full Moon. Absinthe is the poetry you scribbled on a napkin. Absinthe is the party you regret you have thrown but will never forget.

Absinthe is a reflection of all that in life that's curious, unusual, unconventional... Provided you allow her, the metaphorical Green Fairy will help you escape the mundane realities of everyday life, perhaps even show you weird but wonderful places... where you might just meet the real you.

Above all else, absinthe is fun. Zsa Zsa Gabor, the charismatic, nine-time married, Hungarian-born actress that took Hollywood by storm in the sixties, once remarked: "I'd rather be in a trailer drinking absinthe with people who know how to party than be sipping martinis with the phoney hangers-on that follow me everywhere I go".

Contains thujone

Thujone is the natural essential oil of the Artemisia (wormwood) plant, and the substance that gives the Green Fairy her "wings", so to speak.

I only use quality wild-picked wormwood for my kits, so there will a good measure of thujone in your finished absinthe (between 70-80mg/kg). This is enough to give that unique absinthe buzz (but nowhere near enough to send anyone mad or anything, in case you are wondering :-)

Beware the alcohol though – absinthe goes down very well, so it is easy to have one too many!


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